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“I am extremely honored that you have given me the opportunity to purchase Keepers of the Earth.’ You mentioned how this body of work was very dear to your soul when I spoke with you...but please know I feel exactly as you do.... although I did not create this beautiful and touching piece of art without doubt I have some very deep connection to this piece. Perhaps it is like you, the connection I feel to the Earth and all that is.   V. L., PA .

"Terri,  he (Polar Bear) is exquisite. What a powerful beautiful carving. I am absolutely delighted".  Julia M., MA

"I can tell you that I too felt the piece had a power to it, a feeling of ancient wisdom and a depth of spirit. This wonderful piece makes me feel connected to the Earth and rooted in deep time.... The colors are beautiful, the craft and artistic skill tremendous, and the quality of the finish superb!!  Seriously it is a treasure!”  Jeff M., AZ

"As to the sketch of the piece and your ideas, we are definitely in sync. You are developing my ideas/feelings into a reality. Again, thank you for involving me in the process".  Robyn R., AZ

"I very much admire your work and your understanding of what the special things you make mean to people following our spirit path and attempting to become Yvwi (Yuh-wee; Human Being, True Person)".   James W., Cherokee Wolf Clan

"I wish to thank you for your detailed response back to me with the specifics of what is available and the pricing for the Turtle & Tree Pendant. I have seen many many artists sites and can say I just adore your work the best".  Danny D., Canada

"Words cannot express how filled with joy I am with the exquisite pendant you created for me. The peace dove totem is perfect as I have tried to live my life with Grace. You are blessed with an incredible gift, and me as the recipient of your gifted-ness".  Gladys, MA

“Every time I touch the pendant, I get teary.  I don't know yet what that is all about. I'm enjoying the release of this emotion...I've never ever connected like this to a piece of jewelry or art before and I've been around both my whole life.”  Penny L., MA

“Yesterday, I was given a pendant made by you. It is the Tree of Life on carved on mammoth fossil. I am grateful for this wonderful gift. And I am grateful to you, the artist who created such a beautiful and powerful piece of art.”  Pat R., MA