​​Angel Wing ~ Divine presence, spirituality, comfort, love and healing

Bear ~Keeper of ancient healing wisdom, great strength, and the power of intuition, courage and introspection.

Buffalo ~ Strength, courage, independence, connection to Mother Earth, and greatfulness for gifts given to us.

Deer ~ Gentleness, grace, serenity, compassion, and appreciation for the beauty and balance of nature.

Deer Dancer ~ Native symbols ~ Arrow: Lifeline, Spiral: Healing, Lightning speed/endurance.

Dolphin ~ Totem of universal harmony, healing, intelligence, beauty, and a knowing that transcends language.

Dove ~Peace, love, gentleness, the power of giving, prophecy, and hope of new beginnings.

Dragonfly ~ Power of light, imagination, high aspirations, and seeing through life’s illusions.

Eagle ~Transcendence, freedom, power and soaring to great heights. Riding the winds of the possible.

​Fox ~ Noble Messenger, adaptability, wisdom and friendship. Ability to be a quiet observer and remain unseen.

Giraffe ~ The power and protection of community, sensing the future, and reaching higher levels of knowledge.

Hawk ~Soaring visionary of the future, messenger of change, connection to higher levels of consciousness.

Heron ~Self reliance, dignity, determination, following opportunity, and balancing relationship and independence.

Horse ~ Symbol of freedom and the driving force that carries us through life. Power, independence, endurance to overcome obstacles and ride in new directions.

Khanda Sikh Symbol ~ Elements: Khanda: double-edged sword of Divine Knowledge, Chakar: Circle of the Eternal, Kirpans: curved swords symbolizing the Temporal/Spiritual.

Lizard ~ Intuition, good fortune, the lessons of dreams, and connection to deeper psychic and spiritual awareness.

Mayan Galactic Butterfly ~ Symbol of Oneness and Global Transformation. Gateway to all of the consciousness that has existed in our galaxy.  

Om Symbol ~ Signifies the sound of the Universe, representing absoluteness and the eternal.

Owl ~ Bird of magic, prophecy, and wisdom. Seeing the truth, releasing the past, and navigating through the night.

Ram ~Symbol of curiosity, perseverance, inspiration, climbing to great heights, and new beginnings.

Raven ~ Deeper understanding of the light and the dark in life and wisdom that spans past and future worlds.

Tree of Life ~ Symbol of enduring life, shelter, solidarity, and interconnectedness.

Turtle ~ Symbol of eternal earth, a steady focus, and being grounded in the earth’s power and strength.  


Whale ~ Guardian of cosmic energy, intuition, song of healing. Connecting to inner creative inspiration and healing old wounds.

Wolf ~ Pathfinder and teacher of sacredness. Symbol of intuition, loyalty, stamina, and inner strength.

​​​​Across all cultures and civilizations, mythic symbols have provided visions of wisdom, strength, healing, and transformation. In Native traditions,Totems are spirit guides on our life journey. They may be an animal, plant or a sacred symbol. Totems can provide us with deeper understanding and assist us on our life journey. Below are some of the Totem meanings of Talas Art pendants.



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