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About The Artist

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During the 1990’s Terri Talas was the Lead Artist for the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Management where her murals and artwork were widely praised and won numerous awards. Her permanent installations include murals in the lobbies of Heritage Park Museums in Massachusetts. Her work as a private artist  included exhibit panels for nature centers across the country and book illustrations. Her clients included Defenders of Wildlife and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The artistry of her recent sculptures was recognized at a 2012 juried show at the Great Plains Museum, University of Nebraska.

“Shifting my artistic focus to carving has called me to draw upon my varied background as an artist and my orientation toward creative exploration. Ancient fossilized materials are mysteries – not one will be the same in color or texture and I never know what an inner layer will unfold. "I experience a sense of sacredness when I’m deep into the carving.”  

Over the past thirty years, Terri Talas has been known for her portrayals of nature and wildlife in permanent mural installations for museums and nature centers, oil paintings and book illustrations. Primarily a self-taught artist, her work today opens an extraordinary window into the natural world through her sculptures and pendant carvings in rare fossilized materials, and naturally shed antler. Created in the bone of a living breathing animal that walked the face of the earth from present day to ancient times, they showcase her reverence for nature and are known for their exquisite workmanship. She describes the goal of her work as “exploring the meaning and symbolism of the natural world and to express their essence in my art.”

Talas Pendant Carvings are miniature works of art carved in ancient wooly mammoth fossil materials that rise annually from the permafrost in Alaska and Siberia and the depths of the North Sea. She describes these materials as being unsurpassed in their origin and evolution, and their rich colors reflect natural mineralization over thousands of years.  Her Pendant Carvings offer a range of designs that honor creatures of the earth.