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Until around 10,000 years ago, the great wooly mammoth and other prehistoric creatures roamed the earth in great numbers for thousands of years until the ice came, contributing to their demise. In the19th century, buffalo herds stretched to the horizon on the plains of North America until they were hunted almost to extinction. Today, caribou herds, polar bears, whales, wolves, lions, zebras, and other creatures of the land, sky and water are threatened by climate change, changes in their habitat, and over hunting.

                                                             Their loss is our loss.

     My work is created as a remembrance of the sacredness of all creatures on this earth.  



​​The Journey

I am a self-taught artist with a background in the natural sciences. Several years ago I felt pulled to explore working in 3 dimensions and a new form of artistic expression that was outside of the world I had known as a naturalist Painter and Illustrator.

This new journey began when I felt drawn to express the essence of the natural world through the medium of ancient mammoth ivory and other natural materials.  Little did I realize where this journey would take me. Starting with an intricate carving of a deer antler I had found in the woods many years ago, I named the carving “Keepers of the Earth” and knew somehow I had landed on a new passion as an artist.

As I went deeper into the carving work, the spirit and energy of the piece emerged, taking shape and form as I went and often changing several times during the process. I believe this is part of why I love carving. Each piece is an unfolding journey from beginning to end.... new, exciting, and often unexpected!

I live many sacred moments when I’m deep into a carving, whether it's a pendant or a sculpture. Working in these natural materials both ancient and contemporary connects me to a time when life was about ceremony and honoring the creatures of the earth. I feel very fortunate to bring forward something from the past that was once a living, breathing being and share it with others.